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About the new Ford Ranger firsthand

2012 Ford Ranger
2012 Ford Ranger
Who would have thought that the Ford Ranger will undergo a transformation so drastic? The old model is not anything else - neither solid suspension, no loud engine, no cramped cabin ... New features look impressive in theory.

When at the end of September, a friend told me that he had received an invitation to test the new Ford Ranger in South Africa (where the model is produced for the European market), I envied him. I called immediately in Moto-Phoe to see if the accident had not received an invitation for representatives from other countries. "The first test is intended solely for journalists of the biggest markets pickups" was discouraging answer.

A little more about the Ford Ranger

In fact, let my story for Ford Ranger starts precisely with Craig Metros - the main "culprit" for the creation of a new model. He was born in Detroit 48 years ago and began to deal with car design even 10 years old when handedly "made" first type of models Matchbox. Metros head of design department at Ford's automotive capital of the world for many years, but after completing his latest project with the creation of the U.S. F-150 pickup truck, decided to take his hat and moved to Melbourne, Australia.

2012 Ford Ranger
2012 Ford Ranger
"It took me several years to figure out how to use pickups outside the U.S.. Australia was the best testing ground for this purpose. Now, for the world would not have risked going from Melbourne to Darwin for example (it is a 3500-mile desert) with any other vehicle, except as a new pickup Ford Ranger ", explains my Metros as the nose on our Ford Ranger has Verna up to 45 degrees in one of the off road climbs, inviting a whole herd of small but ruthlessly cheeky monkeys to test the grip of the front grille.

Surfer by nature and practice Metros is bold in his predictions: "I really believe that this pickup will change the rules of the game." His first friend and colleague Gary Bous (originally he is from Michigan) - Technical Project Director Ford Ranger - more moderate in their outlook: "Our program is to restore at least the fourth position of the Ford Ranger sales in Europe (after Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi) ".

Completely agree that the Toyota Hilux really unshakable reputation and, to overpower such an enemy, Ford Ranger will need something more than a purely objective advantages. It is larger, more comfortable and more powerful than the Hilux, but few are those who will have the opportunity to make a direct comparison between the two models in everyday life. A key role in this fight there will be advertising strategy.

The new Ford Ranger foot in Europe

The new-generation pickup truck hit the Ford Ranger has made its European premiere at the specialized exhibition in Birmingham. Working Horse The blue oval debut in three basic versions - Double, Super and Regular, and is now available for purchase at the company's dealer centers of the continent.

2012 Ford Ranger
2012 Ford Ranger
With redesigned, optimized and enhanced powertrain range, the new Ford Ranger, which is the world's first pickup, awarded five stars in tests of Euro NCAP, is available in versions with two or four-wheel drive, and promises good load. In the two-seater version Regular Cab, bed promises to hold 1.82 cubic meters, weighing over 1300 kg. The same is available in a version with 125 and 150 horsepower, six-speed manual gearbox and 4x2 and 4x4 versions.

When 2 +2 Super Cab local variation volume is 1.45 cm, carrying capacity is over 1250 kg and Full width Double Cab four-relevant indicators are 1.21 cubic meters and more than 1100 kg. Top version is only available with the 4x4 system combined with a powerful 200 horsepower powerplant.

Modifications to the system for four-wheel drive the new Ford Ranger is capable of towing up to 3,350 kg, but any one of a model can easily attack the water obstacles to a depth of 80 cm even at full load.

Depending on the equipment level and preferences, future owners of the new generation Ford Ranger can rely on Bluetooth interface, USB connectivity, audio system with voice control, zonal air conditioning and more.

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