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Ford Fiesta in ADAC Rallye Deutschland

Ford Fiesta Rally Sport
Ford Fiesta Rally Sport
Columns of the World Championship in Rally Germany Adakta water recently homologated by M-Sport version of the Ford Fiesta 5-door (version R1, 1600cc). The car is the first of three outdoor race cars.

Other open car is a Toyota Yaris R1 (1300 "cc") whose homologation and performance have been recently.

Virtually toddlers Ford Fiesta in the full sense of the word, if given the homologation of the car because her real first appearance was during a race in the U.S. in mid 2011, where, however, it was not registered by the International Automobile Federation (FIA), because around the Atlantic is not required homologation form.

The New Ford Fiesta R1

The new Ford Fiesta R1 is intended to be used in Australia and some countries in South America, along with "three-door" version of the same car model is presented in the British Championship and variants of R2, which is designed to upgrade to the most level.

Although new cars are not a real racing environment Adakta Rally Germany is an ideal trading platform, presenting both four producers already homologated cars from this category: Citroen DS3, Ford Fiesta, Renault Twingo and Toyota Vitts.

So in practice the German "exhibition" of new homologated cars from this version, the only absentee is Renault Twingo and his model, however, which is particularly popular in the British championship.

Ford Fiesta R1

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