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Ford Focus First in this class with electric towbar

Ford Focus Electric Towbar
Ford Focus Electric Towbar
Attaching a trailer, caravan or small framework for the Ford Focus wheels until recently meant to manually choose a fixed or detachable towing hitch. Now a new solution sales and exceed both eyes - just a few months after it was launched.

Appeared for the first time in the segment and user-friendly electric retractable towing the Ford Focus is automatically retracts away under the rear bumper of the Focus when not in use to keep the sporting appearance of the model and avoid problems with parking.

"Some clients like Focus or need the functionality of the coupling and the opportunities available for gaining greater popularity of outdoor activities," said Kurt Reinhold, Brand Coordinator at Ford-Europe. "But they are also keen on maintaining its vision Focus - so when not using the drawbar is not visible."

Ford Focus is the first contact a family car offering new extra

Ford Focus, having braked trailer up to 1,500 kg, is the first compact family car that offers this technology. In less than seven months after it was launched, has already passed the sales of these fixed or manually removable drawbar. Ford plans to expand the technology, introducing it in other models, including the Mondeo, S-MAX and Galaxy.

Available to all compartments of the Ford Focus, the drawbar includes 13-pin connector to keep the lights and other systems typical of modern trailers and caravans, and is connected to the vehicle battery to provide reliable power.

Electric retractable towing the Ford Focus is released by a button in the cockpit. The system can not be activated accidentally and can be controlled only with the engine off when the car is open. Additional security measure is a drawbar be manually pulled up and fixed to a certain position.

What else do you get a new feature of the Ford Focus?

Customers who choose the new Ford Focus electric retractable towing receive free help system a hill and stability control trailer.

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