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Ford B-Max
The all-new Ford B-MAX achieved the highest possible score of five stars in the independent testing organization for assessing the safety Euro NCAP.

Compact multifunction vehicle B-MAX has achieved 83% overall protection to protect 93% of passengers and 84 percent of child safety. Ford B-MAX subjected to over 5000 computer test at its inception, about 40 full krashtesta and 100 test where the car is mounted on a special platform and "fired" in a stationary obstacle.

Sturdy steel and ultrayaka form over 58% of the body of the B-MAX and are used in columns that "capture" energy in a collision. These innovative lock system Ford to open doors in the event of a side impact. The new Ford B-MAX is equipped with seven airbags and front end has been carefully designed for optimum protection of pedestrians.

It is also characterized by the Ford system for active braking in the city that prevent low-speed collisions with stationary or slow moving car before. The new B-MAX offers voice-controlled SYNC system and emergency system, which helps passengers to call for help in case of an accident.

The new Ford B-MAX is the third model of Ford since 2012, received the maximum five stars in the more stringent tests Euro NCAP, after the Ranger pickup and the new Focus also achieved this result earlier this year.

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