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Archive for September 2012

Ford Lincoln
While struggling to protect its territory from Japanese and German automobile giants of the domestic market, the luxury brand of American automaker Ford Motor Corp, Lincoln, looking for a ray of light in China, wrote online in China Daily.

Last week the company announced in Beijing that will export cars Lincoln China from the second half of 2014 Recruiting dealers will begin in the fourth quarter of this year.

Ford Mustang
President of Ford Motor Company Alan Mulally officially announced that one of the icons of American automotive "arrives in Europe." The next generation of the Mustang, whose market debut is scheduled for 2014, will be sold in Europe.

Known so far about the new "Pony", Ford promises independent rear suspension for the first time in the 50 year history of the model and the new EcoBoost turbocharged engines of the family under the hood.

Formula EcoBoost Ford
Unique Formula car by Ford, driven by tiny-liter EcoBoost engine was faster than a super car like the Lamborghini Aventador. More specifically, it is an achievement of a lap on the track "Nurburgring".

Even more interesting is that this car, Ford is registered for use on public roads. This car eleventh recording the fastest lap time of the famous Northern Arc of Nurburgring - 7 minutes and 22 seconds.

Ford B-Max
The all-new Ford B-MAX achieved the highest possible score of five stars in the independent testing organization for assessing the safety Euro NCAP.

Compact multifunction vehicle B-MAX has achieved 83% overall protection to protect 93% of passengers and 84 percent of child safety. Ford B-MAX subjected to over 5000 computer test at its inception, about 40 full krashtesta and 100 test where the car is mounted on a special platform and "fired" in a stationary obstacle.

Ford Focus is the best-selling car

Ford Focus Turnier
Ford Focus is the best selling car in the world in 2012, surpassing the sales of any other vehicle in the first seven months of the year. Over 500,000 vehicles Focus, including 153,400 in Europe, were sold from January to July inclusive, continuing the success story that amounts to an unrivaled 860,000 vehicles sold last year.

 Ford sold 522,821 Focus cars in the first seven months of 2012 and ahead of Toyota Corolla and the Volkswagen Golf for the same period.