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Ford Mondeo with a European record of economy

2012 Ford Mondeo
2012 Ford Mondeo
Car Ford Mondeo, driven by the 1.6-liter turbo engine with 115 hp set a new European record in fuel economy. The car with two Norwegians on board - and Knut Henrik Vultil Borkgreving - is gone for 46 hours 2536.4 km. Helsinki to Oslo, and has spent 70.92 liters of fuel at an average speed of 55.14 km / h

The average cost at the end of the range was only 2.796 l/100 km. time. The record-breaking Ford Mondeo was equipped with green technology package ECOnetic, which includes start / stop systems, kinetic energy recuperation during braking and indicators on the instrument panel indicating the optimum moment to change gear.

The package also includes active front grille louvres that control access of air to the cooling system and engine compartment, and having an influence on the aerodynamics of this Ford Mondeo. Currently the world record for fuel economy is held by an American crew diesel VW Passat has traveled 2,601 kilometers. with 73 liters of oil.

Consumption of less than 3 100 with Ford Mondeo

2012 Ford Mondeo Turnier
2012 Ford Mondeo Turnier
Since the beginning of May, U.S. Volkswagen Passat TDI SEL cover a distance of 2,616 km on a single tank of 73 liters, now Norwegians Knut Henrik Borgervink Uitil and managed to overcome the distance of 2536 km with diesel Ford Mondeo charge. The estimated average fuel Passat-but was just 2.7905 L/100 km. You will recall that the two-liter turbodiesel Passat has 140 hp and 320 Nm.

The Mondeo of Norwegians and is equipped with a 1.6-liter diesel ECOnetic engine with 115 hp Its average consumption is 2.7960 liters per 100 kilometers. Dizeloviyat Ford Mondeo driven from 2536.4 km from Helsinki (Finland) to Oslo (Norway) for 46 hours with 70.92 liters diesel. This is a new European record of economy, which almost equals the aforementioned global Volkswagen Passat.

That Ford Mondeo is equipped with a start / stop system and one for the recovery of braking energy. The poster has a special indicator showing optimal in terms of economy of time shifting. Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with louvers in the grille, controlling access of air to the cooling system that improves aerodynamics.

Would you rather beat Ford Mondeo VW Passat in this race?

2012 Ford Mondeo
2012 Ford Mondeo
Last year, Knut Henrik and tried the same thing with similar Ford Mondeo car, but managed to pass only 2 161.5 km. The reason for its failure Norwegians indicated bad weather conditions in Finland and Sweden, and very bumpy roads in Russia. Now their achievement is significantly better, but again yielded the Passat. The estimated difference between the two cars is 5.5 milliliters per 100 kilometers in favor of the VW Passat.

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